Wednesday, August 28, 2019

What factors do designers and programmers need to take into account in Essay

What factors do designers and programmers need to take into account in other to make web pages as user friendly as possible Examine ways that we page designers can ease decisions making by users - Essay Example Other than getting business exposure and attracting customers, a professional website also provides a lot of other valuable benefits to any business or a company. Some of these benefits include increased business credibility, increased volume of sales through attracting more customers, enabling a business to reach international market, improved and efficient customer service through online forums, and reduced business activity’s operating cost. Talking about websites and their importance in the world of businesses, let’s get to know why user-friendly websites are more popular among users and the customers and how do they prove to be beneficial for the companies. The main reason for developing user-friendly websites is ease of interaction between the website and its users. If a company makes a website which is very heavy or complex in nature, it will not only waste precious time of the users but will also result in less productivity for the company. It is because customers are the main source of productivity for any company and if the customers do not get attracted towards a company, it can never achieve its desired goals and objectives. So it is very important for a company to be customer oriented. If a company does an online business, it should create such a website for product marketing which should be able to attract customers. And this goal can only be achieved through creating a user-friendly website. There are a lot of factors and issues which should be considered while planning to create a user-friendly website. These factors include appearance of a website, navigation and controls, access to pages, layout and design, and download speed. If anyone of these factors is sidelined during the process of website development, the basic goal of creating a user-friendly website can never be achieved. Appearance is one of the most important factors to be considered while

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